DTS Sound Unbound

Level up and dominate the playing field!

Download the DTS® Sound Unbound™ app to unlock the DTS:X® and DTS® Headphone:X® spatial audio technologies and amplify your gaming and video content.

Superior Sound To Go

With our advanced audio technologies, like DTS Audio Processing, you can experience enhanced audio through your mobile device’s speakers including distortion-free volume and deeper bass. DTS Audio Processing makes small speakers sound bigger and better, no matter what you’re listening to.

Quality Sound, Wherever You Go

There's no need to compromise on sound quality when streaming your favorite music, movie or mobile game on a phone or tablet. Lose yourself in immersive audio with DTS:X® Premium.

Level Up

Every gamer knows a split-second decision can mean the difference between winning or losing. Get in the game with DTS Headphone:X™ and DTS:X® Ultra and enjoy the advantage of early warning as sounds approach from above, behind or anywhere around you. Hear and react to your competition before you see them.


DTS imaging technologies give mobile devices amazing powers to identify, recognize and improve images.