November 30, 2016


CALABASAS, Calif., Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DTS, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSI), a global leader in high-definition audio solutions, is expanding the list of home entertainment titles in DTS:X® audio technology with the release of "Jason Bournefrom Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The action-packed fifth installment of the blockbuster franchise is coming to Blu-ray™ and 4K Ultra HD on December 6, 2016.

In addition to DTS:X, "Jason Bourne" features a DTS Headphone:X™ soundtrack. Both technologies replicate and convey the fluid movement of sound to create a richer experience than previously possible by moving sound to precisely where the mixer placed it, whether in the home with DTS:X or via any headphones with DTS Headphone:X technology.

"DTS is committed to providing the best entertainment experience for consumers, whether it's through a traditional home theater set-up or with headphones," said Bill Neighbors, general manager, pro audio, DTS, Inc. "DTS:X and DTS Headphone:X are the most advanced immersive, multi-dimensional audio technologies available, enhancing the home entertainment experience like never before and will deliver the absolute best experience to enjoy all of the Bourne films."

A hallmark of DTS:X immersive audio technology is its ability to adapt to the speaker layout to best fit the individual viewing space by seamlessly transporting sound to and through specific locations within the viewing environment - in front of, behind, above and beside the audience.

DTS Headphone:X technology puts listeners in the very center of the film's soundscape, creating an immersive experience that provides the best entertainment experience available through any headphones or earbuds.

"Jason Bourne" will be available on Blu-ray™ and 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD is the ultimate movie watching experience; it features the combination of 4K resolution for four times sharper picture than HD, High Dynamic Range (HDR) which provides brighter, deeper more lifelike colors, combined with DTS:X and DTS Headphone:X audio technology to deliver a truly immersive experience.

"The Bourne Identity," "The Bourne Supremacy," "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "The Bourne Legacy" will also be released on December 6 on 4K Ultra HD with DTS:X and DTS Headphone:X soundtracks.

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