The X Factor: DTS:X
Scalable solution for immersive cinema audio
November 4, 2016

The Film Journal on DTS:X Technology

Check out the latest from The Film Journal on DTS:X technology.  

"DTS:X is vastly different from any of the company’s prior formats. 'It is unique amongst all the immersive formats in that it is not prescriptive. It scales to any number of speakers in any configuration. DTS:X is a full uncompressed PCM object-based audio system.'

DTS:X utilizes speakers to truly envelop the audience in the richest soundscape possible, allowing for the most accurate placement of sounds in the room. As a result, exhibitors (as well as mix stages and creatives) are able to enjoy complete flexibility and scalability no matter what size screen they are presenting visual entertainment. This maintains artistic intent and offers cinema patrons a consistently great experience." 

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