Carmike Cinemas
Adding DTS:X to Theaters in U.S.
April 15, 2015

Carmike Cinemas Adding DTS:X to Theaters in U.S.

Carmike Cinemas, one of the largest motion picture exhibitors in the U.S. and a leader in digital cinema and 3D cinema deployments, is currently upgrading selected theaters to DTS:X

“We believe in the open platform philosophy of DTS:X and are excited to be among the first theater partners to be onboard,” said Fred Van Noy, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Carmike Cinemas. “The flexibility of DTS:X allows us to deliver an immersive experience to a broader audience. We love the fact that DTS:X adapts not only to numerous room designs; it also enables us to continue working with our existing equipment provider, QSC.”

Theaters being upgraded include the following locations:    

  • Carmike 15 (Columbus, Ga.)
  • Carmike Movies ATL 278 (Atlanta, Ga.)
  • Chapel Hills 13 (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
  • Rosemont 18 (Rosemont, Ill.)
  • Thoroughbred 20 (Franklin, Tenn.)
  • Thousand Oaks 14 (Thousand Oaks, Calif.)
  • Valley Bend 18 (Huntsville, Ala.)

DTS:X is an open, next-generation, object-based, multi-dimensional audio technology that replicates a real-world sound environment. More accurately conveying the fluid movement of sound to create a richer entertainment soundscape than has previously been possible, DTS:X transports the audience into a new dimension of sound immersion by delivering truly captivating entertainment experiences.

Unlike existing surround sound systems, DTS:X adapts to the viewing environment, allowing for a flexible speaker configuration that best fits the viewing space to more accurately convey the fluid movement of sound – in front of, behind, above and beside the audience, precisely where the mixer placed them.