August 4, 2019


The 3D martial arts film by acclaimed director, Chen Kaige, “Monk Comes Down the Mountain” has grossed more than $60 million in its first 11 days. The Monk is the first film to be released in DTS:X immersive audio, initially appearing in 10 DTS:X-equipped theaters across China. The success of the film and extremely positive reviews of the DTS:X audio experience has resulted in the demand to immediately outfit 15 additional theaters across the country with DTS:X-certified equipment. 

In addition, two upcoming major releases from China are currently being mixed with the DTS MDA Creator Tool, again due to the tremendous response to “The Monk.” The titles will be announced in conjunction with the participating studios at a later date.

MDA is DTS’ license fee-free, open platform for creation of object-based immersive audio and is the foundation of DTS:X multi-dimensional audio technology, giving creators unprecedented control over the specific placement, movement and volume level of sound objects in their produced content