DTS Magic Speaker
August 4, 2019

DTS Magic Speaker 、ポップシンガーアイビー・レバンも絶賛

The 16-foot-tall DTS Magic Speaker surprised people on the Venice Beach Boardwalk this afternoon. What was teased as a listening party for singer/songwriter Ivy Levan’s debut album, “No Good,” began that way, with the first two songs emanating from the speaker. At the conclusion of the second song, the front of the speaker began to raise as Levan and her band were revealed to be playing live inside. The Arkansas-born, Los Angeles-based singer emerged from the speaker and was joined by two dancers, to perform five more songs for the crowd of hundreds that converged.

Levan’s album, “No Good,” was released today via Cherrytree/Interscope Records. The album, which includes her hit single "Biscuit," the Diplo produced "27 Club" and "Killing You," featuring Sting, builds on the bold and brash “swamp pop” sound Levan first revealed on her 2013 EP “Introducing the Dame,” which sparked buzz from several major media outlets, including Billboard, who called her “an entrancing pop singer with uninhibited soul-infused stylings.” Levan recently contributed the song “Who Can You Trust” as the theme song for the 20th Century Fox summer comedy blockbuster “Spy,” starring Melissa McCarthy.

Photo credit: Garth Milan/DTS