Breathtaking Realism For Up To 32 Speakers
January 14, 2020

DTS:X® Pro technology puts you there

Greater spatial resolution and realism in premium home cinema technology is now possible with DTS:X® Pro technology, which supports up to 32 connected speakers, even from overhead. Experience how truly immersive audio transforms your favorite movies, music and games.

Precision Audio
With support for up to 32 speakers, DTS:X® Pro technology takes sound immersion to another level. Whispers will emerge from behind you, doors will creak beside you, and jets will roar above you. This level of precision is possible through DTS® Neural:XTM technology, a spatial remapping engine, coupled with a powerful object renderer that delivers pristine audio with amazing accuracy. You’ll never want to experience movies, music, or games anywhere else.

Compatibility Meets Flexibility 
DTS:X® Pro technology was engineered with flexibility in mind, allowing it to work with a variety of home cinema layouts, regardless of design constraints. It's also compatible with other immersive audio speaker layouts, making it among the most flexible technologies available for multi-format playback environments.

IMAX® Enhanced
DTS is the exclusive audio technology partner for IMAX® Enhanced, the latest in ultra-premium picture and sound for home entertainment. There’s no better way to experience the immersive sight, sound, and scare of IMAX® Enhanced content at home than with DTS:X® Pro technology.

Experience the ultimate home cinema experience with DTS:X® Pro technology. Feel truly immersive audio the way it was intended, with sounds that have depth and a physical presence placed precisely where they should be, above, beside, or behind you. DTS:X® Pro technology puts you there.