DTS and CJ 4DPLEX Announce Strategic Alliance
February 19, 2019

DTS:X Coming to ScreenX Theatres Worldwide

We are excited to announce DTS and CJ 4DPLEX will bring DTS:X audio technology to ScreenX theatres worldwide. By pairing DTS:X virtualized 3D surround sound solution with ScreenX’s 270-degree visual technologies, filmmakers will be able to fully realize their creative vision while audiences will enjoy the ultimate theatrical experience.

“DTS:X immersive audio technology complements CJ 4DPLEX’s ScreenX immersive visual presentation, offering an amazing end-to-end product for exhibitors,” said Bill Neighbors, SVP and general manager, Cinema, Home, Digital Media and Streaming Solutions, at Xperi. 

JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX stated, “Our alliance with DTS will take ScreenX theatres to the next level of immersion. It’s an exciting time for cinema and technology to blend and create new experiences for audience members and we look forward to expanding our partnership in the months to come”