September 28, 2019

DTS Post Processing Solutions

DTS Post-Processing solutions deliver a premium audio entertainment experience for home A/V products such as A/V receivers and Sound Bar systems. With DTS audio solutions, CE manfacturers can add greater value by satisfying the growing consumer demand for high performance audio to accompany their high definition video experience.

DTS Virtual:X™ is  our premium audio post-processing solution for TVs, sound bars, and AVRs that brings height to your entertainment experience.  Leveraging DTS’ leadership in virtual surround sound, the DTS Virtual:X solution psychoacoutsically delivers up to 7.1.4 immersive content through traditional speakers in the horizontal plane.  Supports any type of input source and optimized to work with all DTS decoders, including DTS:X.  For legacy content, an efficient upmixer is included to provide a natural, immersive experience. The flexibility of its architecture enables licensees to utilize one or more features concurrently, including Virtual Height, Virtual Surround, Bass Enhancement, and Multi-band Hard Limiter.

DTS Sound for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Smart speakers enables greater clarity and impact from small-form-factor devices. DTS Sound is designed to maximize the performance of even the smallest speakers. DTS Sound delivers depth, detail and loudness, while minimizing distortion at high volumes. Other features include bass enhancement technology for warm bass tones and dialog enhancement to improve vocal clarity.

DTS Stereo Plus is the perfect solution for stereo Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Smart speakers. Featuring spatial processing technology developed by DTS, Stereo Plus packs lush, natural sound into a small form factor, providing a wider and deeper soundstage from stereo speakers placed in a single enclosure. Other features include a new limiter for distortion-free listening, bass enhancement technology for warm bass tones and dialog enhancement to improve vocal clarity.

DTS TruVolume HD technology is a real-time loudness leveling technology with support for stereo and 5.1 that measures and regulates perceived loudness differences to create consistent audio output that matches a configurable target loudness level. Eliminate those annoying fluctuations in volume while watching and listening to content. DTS TruVolume HD responds in real time to different sources and types of content to maintain consistent loudness.

DTS Studio Sound post processing creates virtual surround sound for an immersive surround experience. Volume Leveling smooths transitions between sources and when changing channels while bass enhancement improves bass perception for a more dynamic experience. Speaker EQ lets you maximize performance of the system and Dialogue Enhancement improves dialogue clarity in soundtracks. The Single Band Hard Limiter helps protect the system from overload and damage.