DTS:X: The Legacy Beyond Sound

Beginning in 1993, DTS transformed cinema with the introduction of immersive sound. “Jurassic Park” set the bar for future films and the iconic T-Rex roar has since evolved into millions of sounds enriching cinema technology. Sensational experiences continue in theaters worldwide with the release of summer blockbusters like “Jurassic World Dominion”, “Bullet Train”, “Elvis”, “NOPE” and more.

With DTS:X immersive audio, moviegoers can experience the heart-pounding sound of action-packed beats, the cacophony of rolling laughter and the sucker-punching moments that bring movies to life. Discover the transformative experience of DTS:X sound in theaters across North America, Asia, Europe and Canada with the release of “Beast” this Friday, August 19.

DTS continues to innovate the solutions of tomorrow everywhere people listen, watch and play. From the cinema to the home, the connected car to the mobile phone, we won’t stop until every experience is sensational. Stay tuned for more features on the best of DTS as we countdown to our 30th-anniversary celebration.

Experience DTS:X at a theater near you and learn more at dts.com/cinema.