Play-Fi makes history with 12-Channel Immersive Home Theater solution over Wi-Fi

It’s not every day you get to break new ground and shatter expectations along the way. That’s what we’re doing with DTS Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater. Launched at the end of August, Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater delivers 12 channels of discrete audio over Wi-Fi.

Play-Fi’s Immersive Home Theater is a truly unmatched industry-first. And it’s a solution that serves the configuration needs of both customers and brand partners. Some customers have a simple setup with just a TV and wireless rear and height speakers. Others have a much more complex 7.2.4 surround sound system with discrete center, left, and right, subwoofers, side surrounds, rear surrounds, and front and rear height channels as well. Now all of them can enjoy a truly immersive surround sound experience.

We’re excited to announce at this time that TP Vision will be the first partner in this endeavor, launching Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater on select 2023 Philips TVs. We’ll be announcing new partners soon. Want to be one of them?

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