DTS Craft Masters: A Conversation with the Filmmakers behind “SamSam”
October 28, 2020

DTS Craft Masters: A Conversation with the Filmmakers behind “SamSam”

DTS Craft Masters is a series dedicated to capturing experts at work. Below is the first of many DTS-produced videos highlighting the craftsmanship of the people behind film and television production, video game development, music engineering, and much more!

DTS sat down with the creators of the animated French film SamSam, a film DTS helped produce the immersive audio for, to talk about their creative process and the role audio played in the creation of the film. The team spoke with Tanguy de KERMAL (Director of SamSam), Sebastien ARIAUX (sound engineer for SamSam), Bruno SEZNEC (the founder of Piste Rouge), and Brain SEZNEC (audio project manager) about audio's role in the storyline and character development and the origin story for the film itself.

Interviews were shot at Piste Rouge, the sound stage where the film was mixed, in Place Clichy, Paris. 

SamSam is very happy to host Daisy, his penfriend. But then the Gloomies, bugs who spread sadness all around them, start invading SamPlanet. SamSam and his friends first make them laugh to turn them into Grinnies. In order to get rid of them completely, SamSam will have to fight against the Piratrociouses, and understand Daisy’s true story. See the full trailer below.