DTS AutoStage Brings Spanish Broadcasting System to the Connected Car

Serves the 97% of Latinos 18+ who listen to radio every month

Radio continues to rule as the most important media source for Hispanics. In fact, recent data confirms the power of radio which beats both streaming (97% vs 59%)[1] and TV (90% vs 67%) among Hispanic listeners by significant margins[2] and ranks as the highest audio source ever used in vehicle among Hispanics[3]. Xperi, the creator of the DTS AutoStage® in-vehicle media platform, a hybrid radio system purposely designed to support broadcast radio and bring a modern, compelling and robust solution to the cars of tomorrow, is committed to serving this important and valuable demographic.

Starting today Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (SBS), one of the largest owners and operators of radio stations in the United States, which along with its affiliates serves 95% of US listeners, has now been added to the expanding repertoire of DTS AutoStage’s broadcast partners.

According to Pierre Jaspar of SBS, its listeners who own vehicles on the platform will now have dashboard access to robust radio station information and metadata, premium audio and event content, all supported by a global music metadata catalog of over 40 million tracks powered by sophisticated AI technology that makes discovery easy for users. “This means that our listeners will no longer have to switch from station to station to find their preferred content; instead, they can intuitively discover a list of stations updated in real time with a metadata layer that enhances the audio experience in the car. In short, they will be experiencing one of the most modern, immersive radio experiences available in-vehicle today,” said Jaspar.

In addition, the platform includes information regarding local events related to an artist played or station genre, and song lyrics in multiple languages to enrich the discovery process[4].

Xperi has been a committed partner to the broadcast industry for some time and provides broadcasters a great way to deliver services to OEMs and retain prominence in the dash. “With this new partnership, we are offering SBS radio advertisers an important path to reaching the Hispanic community,” said Joe D’Angelo SVP/Radio and Digital Audio, Xperi.

According to a recent article[5] in HispanicAd.com, AM/FM radio has a unique ability to reach Hispanic adults during prime hours of the day and while listeners are away-from-home and closest to retail. It can also plug them into local communities: more than half (54%) of Latino adults agree that their favorite radio station helps them stay connected to their community, according to Nielsen Scarborough.

Broadcasters that integrate with DTS AutoStage technology gain access to unique in-car branding opportunities through logo, slogan and album art, and these benefits will be available to SBS. They can participate in DTS AutoStage technology at no cost and are assured editorial control and freedom to pursue their strategic objectives.

“In addition,” says D’Angelo, “DTS AutoStage gives station managers and program directors unprecedented access to quantifiable and actionable in-vehicle listener data. This analytics tool, combined with an enhanced in-car radio user experience, preserves radio’s competitive advantage in the digital cockipit.”

Broadcasters who invest in technology, partner with the right players, and leverage the opportunities the evolving digital landscape offers can secure a prominent place, front and center, on the dashboard.

“Radio station fragmentation is a reality,” continued D’Angelo. “A consistent global user experience is impossible to achieve by broadcasters alone and the DTS AutoStage technology is on a mission to solve this. Our partnership with SBS is another important step on this journey.”

Find out more about the DTS AutoStage hybrid radio platform in the video below.

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