2023 Radio Days North America: Unleashing the Power of In-Car Radio

Recently, we attended Radio Days North America in Toronto. In a session entitled Unleashing the Power of In-Car Radio through UX and Analytics, Sr. Dir. Broadcast Strategy & Business Development Juan Galdamez highlighted the transformative impact of DTS AutoStage on the automotive experience. With data-driven user experiences and actionable insights, the DTS AutoStage Broadcaster Portal grants broadcasters unprecedented control and

Building on the success of its subscription-FREE HD Radio expertise, DTS AutoStage, a global media platform for connected cars, offers personalized entertainment choices, seamlessly combining audio streams with over-the-air radio signals. Driver and passengers alike have access to visually rich displays of radio stations as swipable tiles on a dashboard.

It is the preferred choice of automakers and broadcasters, currently live in 147 countries and supporting over 90,000 radio stations. For broadcasters, DTS AutoStage provides powerful analytics at no cost while complying with customer privacy laws. DTS AutoStage has witnessed a 14-fold increase in tuning occasions from January 2022 to April 2023.

To access the platform, broadcasters need to provide static data for their stations, audio streaming URLs, and live data from their programming systems. Once accessed, the analytics tool offers listener journey heat maps, allowing sales teams to showcase audience proximity to retail locations, and analyzes song exposure for programmers. Galdamez emphasized the platform’s global presence, OEM partnerships, and innovative capabilities in revolutionizing the connected car radio experience.

Sign up for the DTS AutoStage Broadcaster Portal here.