Xperi’s Occupant Monitoring Solution Ready for Market Launch in 2021
July 21, 2020


DTS AutoSense is targeting 2H2021 as an industry-first, era-defining mass-market launch date for its Occupant Monitoring Solution (OMS).  The solution relies on a single camera and leverages the company’s extensive experience with image processing (20+ years) and its exclusive Convolutional Neural Networks running on a proprietary inference engine. 

It will be the first of its kind to go into production in a mass market vehicle and it will be integrated with the target vehicle’s safety or infotainment system. Using Machine Learning algorithms, the solution will support the following:

  • Detection of seat occupancy status: recognize the number of passengers as well as their placement in a car
  • Detection of passenger presence and classification by age, or gender: identify the age and gender of all passengers inside the cabin.
  • Identification of passengers
  • Identification of passenger mood / emotion
  • Occupancy status for child seats
  • Pet detection
  • Generic object detection

Use Cases: In-Vehicle Safety and Personalization

The DTS AutoSense Occupant Monitoring Solution enables vehicles to sense the presence of occupants, allowing for a safer in-cabin experience.  This can lead to a decrease in cases where infants and/or pets may be left behind in vehicles. Tragically, in the United States alone there are an average of 39 reported child fatalities and several hundred pet casualties per year.  

The presence of emotion recognition technology in the DTS AutoSense solution can be used to build the profile of an occupant based on on how they react to various situations. Consequently, when abnormal emotional states pose a risk to driving, the vehicle can react to prevent dangerous situations.  OEMs can also leverage this technology to personalize infotainment recommendations, such as playlists, content, volume of music, choice of radio station options, in-cabin temperature adjustments or any setting that can be adapted to a user’s specific taste. 

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