DTS’s seventh generation face beautification suite of technologies introduces a 3D twist.

Portrait enhancement sports over 20 dedicated features. The solution combines the best imaging technologies available to help you showcase your inner beauty. Features include skin smoothing while retaining natural texture, relighting effects and even smart color correction and image de-noising.

3D relighting was initially available only on flagship phones capable of doing 3D sensing. We brought this feature closer to mid-range devices by means of AI. Our technology is capable of building a 3D mesh of the face using only 2D information. By using this mesh we allow the user to adjust the light in the scene in a very flexible and friendly manner. Another key feature of our technology is the fact that we are able to understand the illumination in the input image and recommend to the user a new lighting setup configuration.

The background processing executes with lightning fast pixel-level precision, delivering outstanding background elimination (bokeh results) for all body orientations as well as multiple active and static poses.


  • Realistic re-illumination of faces with state-of-the-art shadow modelling .
  • Consistency between the original illumination and the virtual light source.
  • Complex color themes.
  • Skin and face feature enhancement for a flawless look.

We are always trying to capture the perfect selfie, that perfect convergence of light and soul, a memory of extraordinary moments in life. Portrait enhancement analyzes your face and delivers an adaptive photo enhancement experience making each of your photos perfect every time.


To unveil one’s true inner beauty, any approach needs to be personal and versatile. DTS eliminates the technology barrier to enable a truly unique adaptive experience based on age, gender and identity. Powered by a comprehensive IP portfolio consisting of over 100 patents in the fields of computer vision and computational photography, DTS’s portrait enhancement delivers over 20 enhancement features to help you achieve perfect portraits .

3D Portrait delivers adaptive beautification experience based on age, gender and identity and is the only solution that delivers a realistic smoothing effect with texture retention.

Using AI to understand the scene illumination and build a 3D face mesh from the 2D information raises the bar for the well known portrait enhancement technologies by generating truly outstanding results, one step closer to professional portraits.

Single and dual camera friendly, DTS’s 3D relighting solution detects the light direction and ensures consistency between the original illumination and the virtual light source while also offering realistic re-illumination of faces with state-of-the-art shadow modeling.

3D Portrait background elimination/bokeh solution is single and dual camera systems friendly and enables outstanding portrait processing techniques.

The CNN-driven technology offers superior performance, even in the most challenging photographic conditions.

Our body-focused bokeh solution eliminates many known issues such as uniform areas, over- or under-exposure, gaps under arms or legs, dark clothing, specular surfaces, and repetitive textures. Compared to typical time-of-flight systems, the single camera alternative offers 16x higher resolution.